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Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Jackson Reprise 1967

20/4/17 – Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood – Jackson – 1967 / Johnny Cash And June Carter – Jackson – 1967 / Florence Welch And Josh Homme – Jackson – 2012/ Towa Carson Och Mats Olsson – Laxå – 1967 / Carola Standertskjöld And Lasse Mårtenson – Mä lähden Stadiin – 1967

When I was 9 years old I bought this catchy single probably after hearing it on the radio, no picture sleeve, no video. I was completely unaware of the Johnny Cash/June Carter version. I was also completely unaware that Nancy Sinatra was the spitting image of Lady Penelope! (See the video below). Of course the […]


8/9/14 – Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning – 1967

Just when you thought that the nepotistic Nancy was simply Frank’s daughter who might not expect anything more than a duet with Dad at some point in the future (Somethin’ Stupid’) or a novelty hit written by her producer (Boots) you realise that this mainstream, corporate, novelty, country sixties babe is not only a talented […]