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8/2/14 – Lightships – Two Lines – 2012

  Two Lines is the opening track from Teenage Fanclub’s bassist and co-singer-songwriter Gerard Love. Achingly melodic, softly sung, beautiful tunes, it’s mellow and light with such a relaxing delivery that it simply puts a smile on your face. De-stress, put some years back on your life and immerse your brain in this soothing stew. […]

Lightships Electric Cables 2012 Cover Art

8/2/14 – Lightships – Electric Cables – 2012

Lightships is the solo project of long time Teenage Fanclub co-singer-songwriter, bass player Gerard Love. Norman Blake formed Jonny with Euros Childs from Gorky’s Zygotice Mynci, Raymond McGinley joined Snowgoose and recently Blake has formed another band The New Mendicants with Joe Pernice. All doing their own thing outside the cosy walls of Teenage Fanclub, […]