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Martina Topley Bird pic 2003

6/4/14 – Martina Topley-Bird – Need One – 2003

Need One was the first single off Martina Topley-Bird’s debut album Quixotic from 2003. It features guest appearances from Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan and is a Trip Hop, Electronic Rock soup with catchy tunes over dark backgrounds, moody twists and turns inhabit the grooves. Essential in its genre, it drifts into unknown oceans, tinkers […]


6/4/14 – Martina Topley-Bird – Quixotic – 2003

Martina Topley-Bird first came to attention as part of the Bristol Trip Hop scene appearing on Tricky’s critically acclaimed Mercury Prize nominated debut album Maxinquaye (1995) . Tricky allegedly ‘discovered her’ sitting on a wall near his house. She sang on his first 3 albums and they have a child together. In 2003 she released […]

Sweet Gum Tree The Snakes You Charm & The Wolves You Tame Cover Art

3/2/14 – Sweet Gum Tree – The Snakes You Charm & The Wolves You Tame – Released February 3rd – 2014

French band Sweet Gum Tree release the debut album, The Snakes You Charm & The Wolves You Tame onĀ 3rd February and I am pleased to announce that I will be playing bass on dates in England and France in February and March. 18.02.14 – Brighton – Komedia 19.02.14 – Birmingham – The Institute 20.02.14 – […]