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Practically submerged in fruit, "The Applejacks", one of Britain's top pop groups, manage to maintain the beat during a visit to the world's largest cider factory at Hereford. Left to right: Gerry Freeman, drummer; Phil Cash; Al Jackson; Megan Davies, bass player who recently married Gerry Freeman; Don Gould and Martin Baggott.

20/7/15 – The Applejacks – Like Dreamers Do – 1964 / Tell Me When – 1964 / I Go To Sleep – 1965

It wasn’t only other Liverpool acts or brothers of girlfriends that had the benefit of Lennon And McCartney’s songwriting skills in the early sixties. The Applejacks were from Birmingham and yes, the music they played was unsurprisingly referred to asĀ Brumbeat. Unusually they had a female bass player in Megan Davies and were originally an instrumental […]