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Fleetwood Mac Albatross cover Art

9/9/15 – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Albatross – 1970/ Santo And Johnny – Sleep Walk – 1959 / Jeff Beck – Sleep Walk – 2010 / Miles Davis Quintet – Softly As The Morning Sunrise – 1961 / The Beatles -Sun King – 1969

One of the true timeless classics from the R’n’R era, Albatross reached No.1 in the British singles charts in 1968 but its inspiration came from another No.1 single, Santo and Jonny’s 1959 hit Sleep Walk. In turn Sleep Walk was inspired by Sigmund Romberg’s 1927 tune, Softly As The Morning Sunrise written for the operetta […]

Betty Davis classic 2

7/5/15 – Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up – 1973

Betty Davis is one of the great forgotten Funk Rock singers. Apart from makingĀ fourĀ amazing albums in the seventies she was famously highly influential in pairing up Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis as well as introducing her husband (Miles) to the music of Sly Stone. If it wasn’t for her, Davis’ groundbreaking Fusion as heard on […]