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Lebne Lovich - Stateless - 1978 - Cover Art

30/3/16 – Lene Lovich – Stateless – 1978 / Lucky Number – 1979 / Nina Hagen – Wer Leben Immer… Noch – 1979

Anyone lucky enough to be 21 or thereabouts in 1979 will remember all the great New Wave hits between 1977 and 1980. One of them was Lucky Number by the inimitable Lene Lovich. She had the voice of an owl locked in a tree, the look of  a Dickensian 19th century doll dressed for a banquet […]

Nina Hagen colour pic 1980

27/2/16 – Nina Hagen – Ziggy Stardust – Swedish Television – September 1980

There’s been a lot of heartfelt tributes since David Bowie’s unexpected death in January and most recently some high profile performances on the television, initiating mixed reactions to their relevance and quality. In 1980 as Bowie was releasing Scary Monsters, Nina Hagen was appearing on Swedish television with a memorable tribute of her own. It’s unclear […]

Nina Hagen © Jim Rakete/ photoselection

8/7/14 – Nina Hagen – Naturträne – Rockpalast German TV Live in Dortmund – 1978

Some might say that football and music don’t mix, where I come from in the North West of England growing up around Manchester and Liverpool, it’s ok to be passionate about both. So in the wake of the unbelievable result in tonight’s World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil (7-1) I felt we needed to […]