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Patti Smith and her Band play Horses at The Fillmore, San Francsisco on December 29, 2015. Photo by Michael McGrath, heyreverb.com

17/8/16 – Patti Smith – Lichtburg Theatre – Essen, Germany – 10th August – 2016 / Interview On Democracy Now About Writing – 2015

Opening the wings of a dove, crying through the roses, slipping up into the high art of Patti Smith – the audience melt at her presence. She is an altar, pay tribute to the visions and the beauty, the strength and the inspiration. She spits, penetrates the heart, weaves dreams, cuts your throat, drags you […]

Patti Smith By Judy Linn

22/8/15 – Patti Smith – Break It Up – Live On WBAI Radio New York – 1975 (Depravity)

Patti Smith on WBAI radio New York playing Break It Up written with Tom Verlaine and appearing on her debut album Horses, seven months later. Listen to her young voice when she talks…and talks…and talks, listen to the not quite worked out backing vocals on the track and a line up that misses Jay Dee […]

Patti Smith Outside Society Cover Art

31/12/13 – Patti Smith – Outside Society – 2011

Although Banga, Patti Smith’s last album from 2012, charted in a lot of different places, this collection reached Number 2 in Sweden, Number 58 in France and nowhere anywhere else. Bearing in mind she doesn’t sing in French or Swedish it seems quite remarkable. The Swedish chart position is reflected in her winning the Polar […]