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PJ Proby 1965

15/7/15 – PJ Proby – That Means A Lot – 1965 / The Beatles – That Means A Lot – 1965

Originally written for the the film, Help, The Beatles decided that the song didn’t work, dropped it and gave it to PJ Proby. Interestingly, Lennon told Playboy magazine in 1980 that McCartney wrote it and that it was blatant attempt to rewrite Ticket To Ride. A recorded version by The Beatles wasn’t released till Anthology […]

Peter And Gordon 1966

14/7/15 – Peter And Gordon – Woman – 1966

Staying on Peter And Gordon for Paul McCartney’s experiment, it seems that with the massive success of The Beatles he was beginning to wonder if he was having hits outside The Beatles just because he was in The Beatles. So he came up with a pseudonym and Bernard Webb was born. This from Wikipedia: Under the Lennon–McCartney moniker, […]

McCartney Pic with kid 1970

11/7/15 – Junk – Paul McCartney – 1970

Originally considered for The White Album and then Abbey Road, Junk finally found a home on Paul McCartney’s first album as The Beatles were breaking up. A selection of simple homemade songs with McCartney playing all the instruments, it’s the unfussy release of a musical notebook with simple poignant observations of  places, feelings and moods – a bedroom […]

Wings US 1976

10/7/15 – Paul McCartney And Wings – Maybe I’m Amazed – Live In Seattle – 1976

Wings in the mid seventies playing Maybe I’m Amazed with a mid seventies tempo, featuring Jimmy McCulloch on lead guitar, Denny Laine on bass, Joe English on drums and Linda McCartney on keys with another incredible vocal performance from yours truly some 39 years ago. Sadly Linda McCartney lost her life to breast cancer in […]