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Phosphorescent Muchacho

12/12/13 – Phosphorescent – Muchacho – 2013

Matthew Houck’s Phophorescent begins with choral harmonies reminiscent of that new breed of American arty bands with a guiding light like Bon Iver. The track called, Sun Arise (An invocation, an introduction), could also be the first track on a new Fleet Foxes record, despite its sequencer motif and machine rhythm. I have made the […]


12/12/13 – Phosphorescent – Song For Zula – 2013

The video hopefully gets you to hear the song and read the lyrics, but first, who is Phosphorescent? Matthew Houck is originally from Alabama and originally called himself Fillup Shack. I’ll let you link to the websites for any more facts but his latest album Muchacho was named the Number 1 album of the year by Paste magazine. […]