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Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want - Album Cover - 2017

21/5/17 – Roger Waters – Déjà Vu / Déjà Vu Live / Smell The Roses / The Last Refugee Video – 2017

Roger Waters returns next month with his first studio album in 25 years. To get a taste of what it’s like you can listen to three new songs that have been released as either audio (Smell The Roses and Déjà Vu) or video (The Last Refugee) including a live version of Déjà Vu on Stephen Colbert’s […]

David Gilmour Rattle That Lo-ck album cover

13/8/15 – Dave Gilmour – New album – Tour Dates – Rattle That Lock – Animated Video – 2015

September 18th seems to be a popular date to release a new album in mega-star land as Dave Gilmour releases a new track from his forthcoming, first album in 10 years, Rattle That Lock. The first single might be a little too aware of the need to succeed, too in need to tick all the boxes, catchy […]

Lesley Duncan

9/2/15 – Lesley Duncan – Chain Of Love – 1971 / Love Song – 1971 / Earth Mother – 1972 / Nirvana – Love Suite – 1970

Lesley Duncan was a singer-songwriter born in Stockton-On-Tees in 1943 and although she released singles on Parlophone, Mercury, RCA, CBS and Columbia between 1963 and 1970 she didn’t release her first album until 1971. She had become a regular session-singer, singing back up vocals for lots of different artists including, Dusty Springfield and The Walker […]

Pink Floyd Colour Pic 1971

3/12/14 – Pink Floyd Meddle Tour – In Concert – BBC Live Radio Broadcast From The Paris Theatre – Presented By John Peel – September 30th,1971

Pink Floyd live in 1971 prior to the release of their forthcoming album Meddle with tracks presented (in his inimitable way) by John Peel. This was The Pink Floyd we loved, investigating sounds, jamming, mixing songs with extended instrumental pieces, creating atmospheres and in this set playing a song that didn’t appear on any of their studio albums, Embryo. […]


2/12/14 – Pink Floyd – The Endless River/Louder Than Words Video/Gilmour & Mason Short – 2014

Like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd have not had the creative fire burning inside of them since the release of The Wall 35 years ago (or in The Stones case parts of Tattoo You, an album of outtakes from a richer period in their history). As Roger Waters indulged his demons on The Final Cut (1983) and […]

The Pink Floyd 1967 Colour Pic

31/8/14 – See Emily Play/Scarecrow – The Pink Floyd – 1967

One of the most influential records that led me to immerse myself in music was the Syd Barrett song, See Emily Play by The Pink Floyd (in those days there was a prefix). The record had such a wonderful sound and Emily seemed to be such a mysterious and magical figure – Emily dwelled in a fantasy land […]