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Steven Wilson - To The Bone - Cover Art - 2017

24/5/17 – Steven Wilson Featuring Ninet Tayeb – Pariah – 2017 / Ancestral – 2015 / Routine – 2015 / Don’t Hate Me – 2016

Steven Wilson releases a new album, To The Bone, on 18th August. Pariah is the first available track, a lighter more accessible sound and a duet with Israeli singer Ninet Tayeb. This isn’t Ninet’s first appearance on a Steven Wilson album. She appears on Routine and Ancestral from Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015). She also appears on […]


17/1/16 – Steven Wilson – Routine – Animated Video By Jess Cope – 2015

In 2015 Steven Wilson released his fourth solo album, Hand. Cannot. Erase., leaving Porcupine Tree behind and relegating that band to a future side project. It makes me weep for ex-Japan keyboard player Richard Barbieri, bassist Colin Edwin and drummer Gavin Harrison as Wilson made the decision to move away from his main band, hire different […]