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CCS Band Pic

7/6/15 – CCS – Whole Lotta Love – 1970 / Muddy Waters – You Need Love – 1963 / The Small Faces – You Need Loving – 1966

Whole Lotta Love might be one of the best known Rock riffs ever recorded, but outside the UK this version released by CCS in 1970 is not so well known. CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) was a studio project put together by arranger John Cameron, producer Mickie Most and the father of British Blues Alexis Korner. The band was […]

Spirit 1968

5/6/15 – Spirit – Taurus – 1968

Taurus was an instrumental song recorded by sixties, Psychedelic, Pop/Rock band, Spirit in 1967. It’s also the source from which Jimmy Page allegedly ‘appropriated ‘ the idea for Stairway To Heaven. Before I go any further with this, I have a theory: Page didn’t feel he had to credit downward progressions or Blues patterns – it’s as if  he […]

Led Zeppelin Sixties B:W Jaguar

2/6/15 – Led Zeppelin – Denmark Radio Session Filmed in Black And White – 1969

Although this is a Radio Session, someone filmed it. Whether it went out on TV too, I’m not sure but it certainly preserves a special moment in time for this exciting new band from England on tour to support their self-titled debut album. 1969 was a busy year for Led Zeppelin releasing two albums, touring […]