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Taste What's Going On DVD 1970

26/7/17 – Taste – What’s Going On – Isle Of Wight Festival – 1970/ Blister On The Moon/ Sugar Mama – Jazz Bilzen – 1969

Before I leave Ireland for Liverpool at the weekend, after my show at Whelan’s with the creative flourish of Frank Kearns and ahead of The Book Of Kells, I’ll be finding Rory Gallagher’s statue and paying homage to one of my favourite ever guitarists. Here’s some footage from his early band, Taste with John Wilson […]


26/1/14 – Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ’74 – 1974

There’s not many live albums that capture the passion, the exuberance and the pure and unadulterated talent like Rory Gallagher’s Irish Tour ’74. It also proves something about originality, creativity and the human condition. It’s as simple as this, it doesn’t matter what you do – it’s how you do it. Rory Gallagher just played […]


26/1/14 – Rory Gallagher – The Beat Club Sessions – German TV – 1971-72

This is Rory Gallagher from the ’71/72 period when ┬áthe line up was Gerry McAvoy on bass and Wilgar Campbell on drums. Campbell left the band after developing a fear of flying. An effortless drummer with a special touch, he died of alcohol related problems in 1989 at the age of 43. This is different […]