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Zabriskie Point Soundtrack Cover

19/12/13 – Zabriskie Point – Various Soundtrack – 1970

Most famous for containing unreleased Pink Floyd songs, Zabriskie Point, like Obscured By Clouds And More, may¬†at one time have been a complete Pink Floyd album. On the 1997 re-released double CD, four extra unused songs are included. (Plus four unused Jerry Garcia pieces). Best of all is the You Tube link below, this takes […]

Zabriskie Point Poster

19/12/13 – Zabriskie Point – The Film – Soundtrack – 1970

Although Antonioni has been considered one of the great directors of his generation, this film was a total commercial and critical disaster. Like a lot of films dealing with the counter culture in the late sixties and early seventies they don’t wear too well. Latterly the film has been given some praise for its cinematography […]