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Concrete Blonds with Paul Thompsob

28/3/16 – Concrete Blonde – Caroline – 1990

Staying in California and the realm of strong women, Johnette Napolitano’s Concrete Blonde released Caroline as the second single from the album Bloodletting after the first single, Joey had penetrated The US Top 20 and made it to No.2 in Australia. The band featured longtime collaborator ex Sparks member and flash guitar player James Mankey and ex Roxy Music […]


14/7/14 – Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us – 1974

From the third Sparks album Kimono My House released in 1974, their first with a new line up, the American band that included the Mankey Brothers had gone (Earle became a producer, Jim the guitarist in Concrete Blonde) English musicians were hired and Ron and Russell Mael’s Sparks relocated to England and the Glam Rock […]