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Spooky Tooth 1968

7/3/16 – Spooky Tooth – The Weight – 1968

Once, I  played at a venue (with I know not who) where there were different rooms with different events, one of the events in one of the larger spaces hosted a Queen cover band.  A singer with a strong voice wearing a yellow bandsman’s double-breasted jacket like Freddie, a guitarist that had nailed Brian May’s tone […]

Spooky Tooth The Last Puff 1970

24/5/15 – Spooky Tooth – The Last Puff/ I Am The Walrus – 1970

Sometime after Mick Jones returned from France he joined Wonderwheel, Gary Wright’s solo project after he had left Spooky Tooth in 1970 following the experimental Ceremony album released in 1969 and made in collaboration with French electronic tinkler Pierre Henry. Spooky Tooth would in fact reform in 1973 with Jones and Wright regrouping with the band’s other lead […]

State Of Micky And Tommy

23/5/15 – State Of Micky And Tommy – With love from 1 to 5 – 1967

As guns for hire in the French Sixties scene, you couldn’t land a better gig than writing for celebrity superstar couple Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday. Not only did Micky And Tommy write for these artists but they also played guitar and drums respectively in Johnny Hallyday’s backing band. Paris, 1967, Psychedelia, Ye Ye girls, […]