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27th April 1972:  British pop rock group Uriah Heep arrive sitting on the back of a tank at the Benrather Castle in Germany to promote their current tour of the country.  (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

10/4/16 – Uriah Heep – Tears In My Eyes/ July Morning – 1971 / T.Rex – Jeepster/ Get It On – 1971

Along with ELP, Uriah Heep were one of the most  pilloried bands of the era by anybody outside the genre. So luckily, they were the first band I saw live as a teenager in the mid seventies at Liverpool Stadium (actually it was the support band Maldoon). Why was I lucky to see a band that […]

Johns Children pic With band name

5/9/14 – John’s Children – Desdemona – 1967

Although Marc Bolan didn’t appear on John’s Children’s “legendary” Orgasm album released in 1967 (he joined after the album was completed) he did write, play guitar and sing the backing vocals (with his unmistakable warble) on Desdemona. The band was actually fronted by Andy Ellison who after the band split in 1968, made solo singles […]