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Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow single cover US

26/6/15 – The Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow – 1967

In recent days it has become obvious that the record that Stones aficionados consider their worst is actually seen as their best by less fanatical fans. This is what happens when you break the mould – you upset the purists, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus had left behind their roots. In reality, Psychedelia comes from the same source, is it that different […]

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart 1969

4/2/15 – Tommy Boyce And Bobby Hart – Jumpin’ Jack Flash – 1969

Tommy Boyce And Bobby Hart are most famous for writing some of The Monkees’ biggest hits, including (I’m Not) Your Stepping Stone (US, No. 20), Theme From The Monkees (No.8 in Australia) and Last Train To Clarkesville, a US No.1. In fact all Monkees’ albums apart from the soundtrack to the movie Head, had Boyce and Hart songs […]