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16/11/16 – Mose Allison – November 11 1927 – November 15 2016 / I Don’t Worry About A Thing – 1962/ Parchman Farm – 1958 / Look Here – 1964 / I’m Smashed – 1969 / Blues Breakers – Parchman Farm – 1966 / The Clash – Look Here – 1980 The Who – Young Man’s Blues Live – 1970

As Jazz lovers struggle with Rock and vice versa, Mose Allison managed to stay out of the genre wars by inventing his own style that incorporated Jazz and Blues with real songs, virtuoso playing, meaningful lyrics, memorable melodies, humour, seriousness –  Allison had it all covered. When The Who released Live At Leeds they included […]


26/9/16 – Baba O’Riley – The Who – 1971

Cornwall is simply beautiful with an allure of its own that includes a myriad of exotic vegetation, dynamic coves, ancient sites, the leftovers of a once booming Tin Mining industry with overgrown chimneys, rusting machinery, crumbling buildings and coastal walks galore. On Sunday 4 friends drove to Porthcurno about 8 miles outside Penzance. We accelerated up steep […]

The Who Substitute 7 inch single cover 1966

3/4/16 – The Who – Substitute – 1966

As The Who were the source for the announcement of Andy Newman’s death, it seemed like we should have some classic videos of the band performing (or miming) some of their timeless classics. Substitute was released as a single in March 1966 and reached No.5 on the UK chart. A trademark Power Pop with guts, knocks you off […]


2/4/16 – Andy Newman – 1942 – 30th March – 2016 / Thunderclap Newman – Something InThe Air – 1969 / Labelle – Something InThe Air/ The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – 1971 / TomPetty And The Heartbreakers – Something InThe Air – 1993

Andy Newman was a member of the classic short-lived and inspired musical accident that was Thunderclap Newman. They were produced by Pete Townshend, released on Track records and responsible for one of the great songs of the sixties, Something In The Air, written by drummer, singer/songwriter and Pete Townshend’s chauffeur, Speedy Keen. The song was […]

Thunderclap Newman Pic

22/1/15 – Thunderclap Newman – Hollywood Dream / Something In The Air – 1969/1970

One of the greatest songs ever in my opinion, Something In the Air was released in 1969 after the band had been put together by Pete Townshend in the role of producer and Who manager Kit Lambert to highlight the talents of Speedy Keen as a songwriter. Keen was Townshend’s flatmate, drummer on some of […]