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Tiny Ruins Hollie Fullbrook - 2014 - Pic

16/5/14 – Tiny Ruins – Carriages – 2014

Not the kind of video you would expect from Hollie Fullbrook’s Tiny Ruins. The antithesis of her personality, directed by Lucy Luscombe, filmed in Southend-on-Sea, it’s a disturbing insight into a world of lad hierarchy, alcohol and the volatile relationships of young men in England. http://www.tinyruins.com http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/19834/1/nico-mirallegro-gets-beautifully-drunk-for-tiny-ruins

Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One - Cover Art - 2014

16/5/14 – Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One – 2014

New Zealand’s Hollie Fullbrook aka Tiny Ruins has released two EP’s, Little Notes, a collaboration with Belgian, Barcelona resident, Lieven Scheerlinck, released late 2012, ┬áthe other demo’s and old songs (Haunts EP) released in 2013. She released her debut album, Some Were Meant For Sea in 2011 and has just released her second album Brightly […]