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Patti Smith By Judy Linn

22/8/15 – Patti Smith – Break It Up – Live On WBAI Radio New York – 1975 (Depravity)

Patti Smith on WBAI radio New York playing Break It Up written with Tom Verlaine and appearing on her debut album Horses, seven months later. Listen to her young voice when she talks…and talks…and talks, listen to the not quite worked out backing vocals on the track and a line up that misses Jay Dee […]

Tom Verlaine

21/8/15 – Tom Verlaine – Bomb – The Tube – TV Show, England – 1987

Tom Verlaine on The Tube in 1987 playing Bomb from the Flashlight album released that year. His band for this performance are Love and Money, pretty much forgotten these days despite the memorable trousers. Verlaine rips the guitar’s throat out with a style so individual you wonder how is it possible that so many guitarists […]

David Byrne and Annie Clark who records under the name St. Vincent

20/8/15 – David Byrne And St. Vincent – Who – 2012 / Television – Marquee Moon – 1977

In regards to yesterday’s post, although superficially there are similarities, it might rather be coincidences. St Vincent and her guitar theatrics, Anna Calvi and her guitar explosions, both of them recording with David Byrne, both of fine voice but actually rather different, different sides of the pond, different, except that they add a certain artistic […]