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Wolf Alice

24/01/18 – Wolf Alice – Planet Hunter – Live – 2017

Roaming around the planet you notice that music from your own country couldn’t have been made in somebody else’s country – or planet. The Allman Brothers couldn’t have come from Liverpool, Echo And The Bunnymen couldn’t have come from Florida. Thanks for both of them at their best. I’m in Austin and to Texan ears Wolf […]


2/10/16 – Wolf Alice – Canal + Studios Paris, France, September 15th – 2015

Named after a short novel by Angela Carter, their even shorter lifespan has seen Wolf Alice grow into a dynamic live band as well as songwriters with a vision creating songs that sound simple but aren’t so easy to write. Catchy riffs and odd little turnarounds, an inventive guitarist in Joff Oddie, punchy drums and bass from Theo Ellis […]