What’s In MWP’s Bag?

Amoeba Music, a large independent music store in San Francisco, has been filming a series where artists share some recent discoveries from the Amoeba rack.

Marty Willson-Piper is a guitarist and songwriter for prolific Australian band The Church. Formed in 1980,Their debut album, Of Skins and Heart (Second Motion Records), was released in 1981 and featured their their first Australian hit, “The Unguarded Moment.” Their 1988 album Starfish (Arista) was their breakthrough American album and contained their biggest commercial hit, “Under The Milky Way.” The band released their 23rd album, Untitled #23 (Second Motion Records), in 2009.

In addition to The Church, Willson-Piper has released albums under his own name since the mid-’80s, as well as played in or collaborated with All About Eve, Cinerama, The Saints, Tom Verlaine, and Aimee Mann. He also works with Andy Mason under the name Noctorum. Willson-Piper’s latest solo album,Nightjar, was released in March 2009 on Second Motion Records.

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