Natalie Col Black and White pic

14/1/16 – Natalie Cole – February 6th 1950 – December 31st – 2015 – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – 1975

Joy, pure R&B joy, Natalie Cole’s first single, This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) was a No.1 R&B hit and No.6 on the US charts in 1976. Watching her live performance on Midnite Special in 1975, with a live band, Afros galore, brown trouser suit bookended by seventies green backing singers, clapping, impro shrieks, hips […]

Charlie Parker

29/8/15 – Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker & Coleman Hawkins – 1950 / Charlie Parker Story – BBC 4 – 2005

One year before Elvis Presley released his debut studio album, Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker died at the age of 34. An alto sax player and musical genius, innovator, virtuoso player, heroin addict and alcoholic. Jazz, what is Jazz? How do we learn to love Jazz? Why should we want to? Jazz was off my radar when […]


29/10/14 – Alvin Stardust – 27th September 1942 – 23rd October 2014/Lynsey De Paul – 11th June 1950 – 1st October – 2014

Growing up in England in the seventies was a great big challenge for your music tastes. On May 7th 1970 I was 12 years old, it would be two years before I would learn to play the guitar, but the music had already begun to leave its mark. Having an elder brother by seven years […]