Jaki Liebezeit

18/1/19 – The Graves of Holger Czukay, U-She and Jaki Liebezeit

Three graves, two together, the other ten paces away. Today Olivia, myself and friends Brigitte and Mathias finally found the resting places of Holger Czukay and his wife, and close by Jaki Liebezeit – two members of CAN and Holger Czukay’s wife and collaborator Ursula, known as U-She and Ursa Major. They are buried here in Germany in […]


16/11/16 – Mose Allison – November 11 1927 – November 15 2016 / I Don’t Worry About A Thing – 1962/ Parchman Farm – 1958 / Look Here – 1964 / I’m Smashed – 1969 / Blues Breakers – Parchman Farm – 1966 / The Clash – Look Here – 1980 The Who – Young Man’s Blues Live – 1970

As Jazz lovers struggle with Rock and vice versa, Mose Allison managed to stay out of the genre wars by inventing his own style that incorporated Jazz and Blues with real songs, virtuoso playing, meaningful lyrics, memorable melodies, humour, seriousness –  Allison had it all covered. When The Who released Live At Leeds they included […]

colin vearncombe press shot

27/1/16 – Colin Vearncombe AKA Black – 26th May 1962 – 26th January 2016 / Black – Wonderful Life – 1987 / Sweetest Smile – 1987 / Blind Faith – 2015

To die in your late sixties after fifty years of smoking, drinking and taking drugs, might not be a surprising end. But a car crash at 53 leaving behind a wife and three children – well that’s just not fair. Colin Vearncombe was best known as Black and for his European hit Wonderful Life that reached the […]

Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba - Album Cover - 1962

31/8/15 – Stan Getz And Charlie Byrd – Jazz Samba- 1962 / Desafinado – 1962

The Jazz Samba album combined Jazz and Brazilian music and was essentially responsible for the Bossa Nova craze in the USA in the sixties. Although the album had various Brazilian songwriters and composers contributing, the classics Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) and Samba de Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba) written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Newton Mendonça guided the album […]

Della Reese B:W

8/8/15 – Della Reese – (Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You) -1960 / Don’t You Know – 1959 / There’ll Never Be Another You/ But Beautiful – Live – 1966

One of the great female singers of the fifties and the sixties, Della Reese is remembered more for her role in TV series Touched By An Angel than she is for her powerful emotional singing. She was discovered by Gospel legend Mahalia Jackson and made her recording debut in 1955. Into the sixties she explored […]

KimFowley 1

20/1/15 – Kim Fowley – 21st July 1939 – 15th January 2015 / Animal Man – 1968 / The Runaways – Cherry Bomb – 1976

I once spoke to Kim Fowley on the phone, he was in Chicago, I was on the other side of the world. “Can you play the guitar, can you sing – then get over here right now”. That about sums him up although his reach extended way beyond the realms of ordinary men. His 1968 album […]