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19/7/15 – Cilla Black – It’s For You – 1964 – Love Of The Loved – 1963 – Step Inside Love – 1968 / The Beatles – Love Of The Loved – 1962 / Cilla Black – Alfie – 1966

Cilla Black, the essence of Liverpool, ex Cavern cloakroom assistant, Beatles pal and down to earth pop star from the infamous Scottie Road – and with the most distinctive voice you’ve ever heard! Of these three Lennon and McCartney recordings mostly written by Paul, It’s For You and Love Of The Loved are largely forgotten, the most […]

Tommy Quickly

18/7/15 – Tommy Quickly – Tip Of My Tongue – 1963 / Tommy Quickly And The Remo Four – The Wild Side Of Life – 1964 / Hank Thompson – The Wild Side Of Life – 1952 / Kitty Wells – It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels – 1952 / The Remo Four – Peter Gunn Theme – 1965

It’s fascinating to hear these early Lennon And McCartney compositions, whether Lennon or McCartney wrote it or whether they wrote it together, you can hear them in the other artists interpretations. Unfortunately Liverpool born Tommy Quickly didn’t benefit from having them write his first single or from having Brian Epstein as his manager. This and […]

Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas 1964

17/7/15 – Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas – Little Children – 1964 / Do You Want To Know A Secret – 1963 / I’ll Be On My Way – 1963 / Bad To Me – 1963/ I Call Your Name – 1963 / I’ll Keep You Satisfied – 1963 / From A Window – 1964 / I’m In Love – 1963

Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas were another Liverpool group that benefited from George Martin’s production, Brian Epstein’s management, Parlophone records – and of course being from Liverpool and having the Merseybeat sound. In fact only Kramer was from Liverpool, The Dakotas were from Manchester and a band in their own right releasing records and […]

Hello Little Girl The Fourmost 7 inch

16/7/15 – The Fourmost – Hello Little Girl – 1963 / I’m In Love – 1963

Hello Little Girl was an early Lennon and McCartney song released by Liverpool beat group The Fourmost in 1963.  The record label has the credit as McCartney – Lennon when their songwriting credits are generally better known in reverse and ironically it seems that in this case, it was Lennon that actually wrote it in […]

CCS Band Pic

7/6/15 – CCS – Whole Lotta Love – 1970 / Muddy Waters – You Need Love – 1963 / The Small Faces – You Need Loving – 1966

Whole Lotta Love might be one of the best known Rock riffs ever recorded, but outside the UK this version released by CCS in 1970 is not so well known. CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) was a studio project put together by arranger John Cameron, producer Mickie Most and the father of British Blues Alexis Korner. The band was […]

The Crystals with La La

12/1/15 – The Crystals – Da Doo Ron Ron – 1963

The Crystals were another early sixties girl group that were involved with, produced by and released by Phil Spector’s Philles label. The Crystals have a complex and fascinating history;  essentially they had four hits with three different lead singers and one of their hits wasn’t even recorded by them, incredibly it became a US No.1 in their name. It all started […]