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19/7/15 – Cilla Black – It’s For You – 1964 – Love Of The Loved – 1963 – Step Inside Love – 1968 / The Beatles – Love Of The Loved – 1962 / Cilla Black – Alfie – 1966

Cilla Black, the essence of Liverpool, ex Cavern cloakroom assistant, Beatles pal and down to earth pop star from the infamous Scottie Road – and with the most distinctive voice you’ve ever heard! Of these three Lennon and McCartney recordings mostly written by Paul, It’s For You and Love Of The Loved are largely forgotten, the most […]

Peter And Gordon 1966

14/7/15 – Peter And Gordon – Woman – 1966

Staying on Peter And Gordon for Paul McCartney’s experiment, it seems that with the massive success of The Beatles he was beginning to wonder if he was having hits outside The Beatles just because he was in The Beatles. So he came up with a pseudonym and Bernard Webb was born. This from Wikipedia: Under the Lennon–McCartney moniker, […]

CCS Band Pic

7/6/15 – CCS – Whole Lotta Love – 1970 / Muddy Waters – You Need Love – 1963 / The Small Faces – You Need Loving – 1966

Whole Lotta Love might be one of the best known Rock riffs ever recorded, but outside the UK this version released by CCS in 1970 is not so well known. CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) was a studio project put together by arranger John Cameron, producer Mickie Most and the father of British Blues Alexis Korner. The band was […]

France Gall Les Sucettes 1966

18/5/15 – France Gall/Serge Gainsbourg – Les Sucettes – 1966

The In Deep Music archive goes controversial and posts Serge Gainsbourg’s Les Sucettes (Lollipops) as performed by the unknowing teenage France Gall. This was the beginning of Gainsbourg’s controversial arc that made him a legend in France. Sexual exploitation provokes rage in all of us, as does torture and any humiliation or disrespect of human dignity […]

Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman Cover Art 1966

21/4/15 – Percy Sledge – 25th November 1941 – 14th April 2015 / When A Man Loves A Woman – 1966

In the wrong hands, When A Man Loves A Woman might be considered the ultimate in schmaltz, but when Sledge sang it with that powerful emotionally charged voice, he gave the song such anguish, such truth that you could feel it too and literally live through the pain of the break-up he himself had gone through. Overplayed to […]

Norma Tanega

22/2/15 – Norma Tanega – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog – 1966/ Tanega’s Dusty Springfield Song Lyrics

Norma Tanega was born in California in 1939 and completes this week’s cat series. She only ever hit the charts once with this Sixties Folk Rock novelty song reaching No.22 on both sides of the Atlantic. But, interestingly as Dusty Springfield’s partner she wrote the lyrics to a few of Dusty songs that deeper fans will […]