Aphrodite's Child: Best of

29/6/14 – Aphrodite’s Child – Rain And Tears/End Of The World/It’s 5 O’Clock/ Such A Funny Night/ I Want to Live/Best Of – 1968 – 1972

With Greece exiting the World Cup losing on a penalty shoot out, it brings to mind that in the late sixties there was the glorious Greek celebration that was Aphrodite’s Child. No one could have predicted their individual futures and unprecedented success as a psychedelic/progressive band from Greece, except that the lead singer had an […]

The Factory

11/5/14 – The Factory – Path Through The Forest – 1968 / Try A Little Sunshine – 1969

Trying to piece together a history on The Factory is a little tricky as their seems to be some conflicting and/or unconfirmed information. Please feel free to correct or confirm any of the information in this post. Essentially, The Factory were a 3 piece from London – Jack Brand on vocals and bass, Ian Oates […]

Soft Machine 1968

28/4/14 – Soft Machine – Ce Soir On Danse – The Guy Beart Show – 25th August – 1968

As I just listened to the first 5 Soft Machine albums in a row, I thought I would share this incredible footage from October 1967, broadcast in August 1968 on the Guy Beart Show. Dig those freaky French dancers! Robert Wyatt on drums and vocals, Mike Ratledge on keyboards and Kevin Ayers on bass.   […]


6/3/14 – Ella Fitzgerald – George Gershwin & DuBose Heywoods’s Summertime – Live – 1968 – The Cole Porter Songbook – 1956

Ella Fitzgerald was one of the great Jazz singers of the 20th century, in this performance she uses her voice as an instrument – she finds the note, hits the vibrato pedal, then sustains, she holds a small cloth to wipe away her perspiration. She famously recorded a series of ‘Songbook albums’ that represented the […]

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 1968

29/12/13 – The Kinks Are The Village Green Appreciation Society – 1968

Whilst reading a piece on The Kinks history, one of the most influential quintessentially English and important bands that had come out of the sixties, I became aware that after 1968, none of their albums (bar compilations) managed to reach the UK charts. How is that possible? It all went wrong after the 1967 album, […]