Wings Of Desire still

4/7/17 – David Bowie – Sons Of The Silent Age – 1977 / As Time Goes By – Dooley Wilson AKA Sam – 1942

Nine hours on a bus from Berlin to Cologne/Bonn airport where Olivia’s Dad Gerd is picking us up. On the bus, a driver that told us we couldn’t eat and only use the loo in an emergency. “No crumbling food” he said in German, “kein kr├╝meliges Essen”. So I provocatively pulled out my cadbury’s flake […]

Racing Cars B:W Pic

22/2/16 – Gareth ‘Morty’ Mortimer – ???? 1949 – 17th December 2015/ Racing Cars – They Shoot Horses Don’t They – 1977 / Ancient Grease – Women And Children First – 1970

A tribute to another soul who has left us although he has had little attention in the media accept in the area of Wales where he was from. Gareth Mortimer or ‘Morty’ as he was known, was the singer in Welsh band Racing Cars. They had one hit, written by Morty, They Shoot Horses Don’t […]

Shuggie Otis - B:W pic - Early Seventies

7/2/16 – Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23 – 1971/ The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23 – 1977

Inspiration Information and Strawberry Letter 23 are Shuggie Otis’ best known songs, the latter a big hit for The Brothers Johnson from their album Right On Time (1977) produced under the guidance of Quincy Jones, the song reached No.5 on the US chart. It’s a song that you love if you know it or you’ve […]