Jimmy Bain and Phil Lynott B:W pic

25/1/16 – Jimmy Bain – 19th December 1947 – 24th January 2016 / Roy Harper – Starring Kate Bush, Dave Gilmour and Jimmy Bain – You (The Game Part II) – 1980

When Kate Bush wanted a proper Rock and Roll bass player to drive her powerful and weird music on her experimental album, The Dreaming in 1982 –  she called Jimmy Bain. When John Cale was looking for a bass player for a European tour – he called Jimmy Bain. When Roy Harper duetted with Kate […]

John Bradbury eighties pic

13/1/16 – John Bradbury – (Drummer For The Specials) – February 16th 1953 – December 28th – 2015 – The Specials – Too Much Too Young / A Message To You Rudy – The Old Grey Whistle Test – 1979 – Gangsters / A Message To You Rudy – Videos – 1979

In the life of the written archive it’s been hard to keep up with the death of those that created it. There’s the death of the stars and there’s the death of those that made the stars with their musical contributions. One of the great truths you are aware of as a musician that might not […]

Mick Ronson 1974

13/12/15 – Mick Ronson – Only After Dark – 1974 / Human League – Only After Dark – 1980

Mick Ronson, one of the great North Eastern guitars heroes was from Hull and although we love him for his thick growling tone and his exquisite lead solos he was also an in demand arranger, producer and accomplished piano player. See the post here where Lou Reed talks about Ronson and vice versa. http://indeepmusicarchive.net/2013/10/lou-reed-talks-mick-ronson-mick-ronson-talks-lou-reed/ In this […]