Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

26/4/17 – Peter Gabriel And Kate Bush – Don’t Give Up – 1986

Today we had a quintessentially English day visiting the “queen of cathedrals” at Wells in Somerset. The oldest clock face in the world from 1390 in an edifice that was constructed between 1175 and 1490. Original ancient, beautiful stained glass windows and giant organ pipes that were blasting through the stone arches and pillars as […]

Catus World News Worlds Apart single cover 1986

22/7/16 – Cactus World News – Worlds Apart – 1986

Cactus World News were formed in Dublin in 1984 by Frank Kearns on guitar and Eoin McEvoy on vocals with Wayne Sheehy on drums and Fergal MacAndris on bass. Worlds Apart was the second single from their critically acclaimed debut album, Urban Beaches released the same year. The song reached No.58 in the UK charts. Despite the attention […]

Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over single cover 1986

20/5/16 – Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over – 1986

Crowded House saw massive success with their self-titled debut album despite their label’s choice of singles. Their major hit, Don’t Dream It’s Over was released as the fourth single from the album as if the label knew there was something good about the band but weren’t sure exactly what it was, releasing the songs in order of […]

The Chameleons - Tears 7 inch Cover Art - 1986

5/4/16 – The Chameleons – Tears – 1986

On the subject of tears, The Chameleons, Middleton’s Post-Punk melodic maestros recorded this track from their third album Strange Times as both an electric and acoustic song. Those arpeggios, EBows, moody washes and strong vocal melody made it one of their most enduring songs from their middle period. How there came to be two versions might […]

The Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 Album Cover 1986

25/12/15 – The Housemartins – London 0 – Hull 4 – 1986 / Think For A Minute – 1986

As it’s Christmas day and I was still conceptually in the north east, I was looking for something that was jolly and dark – you know like Star Wars. So hard as it is to grasp the link between The Housemartins and Star Wars, I saw some kind of affiliation between them.  Nerdy, commercially viable but […]

Nico B:W pic

1/12/15 – Nico And The Faction – Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen – Live in Shibuya, Tokyo – 1986 / Interview – New Zealand – 1985

Nico and The Faction in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1986 performing, Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (The Song Of The Lonely Girl). Most of Nico’s songs were sung in English and although she was born Christa Päffgen in Cologne in 1938, I read that she sang the German songs with an English accent, never wanting to be known as […]