Bobby Womack

28/6/14 – Bobby Womack – March 4 1944 – June 27 2014/Check It Out: The Best Of Bobby Womack – 1986/Across 110th St – Soul Train – 1973

I’m very sad to report the loss of another musical giant. Although Bobby Womack had a long list of impressive accolades, beyond the fans of the genre, he wasn’t as well known as his sixties and seventies Soul, Funk and R&B contemporaries. Early on he played guitar with Sam Cooke, he was a session player with The Box […]

XTC Skylarking Cover Art

22/3/16 – Originally Posted – 22/11/13 – XTC – Skylarking – 1986

When Skylarking was released in 1986, I must have been in America because I remember having it on pre-recorded cassette. These little convenient plastic boxes of sound were extremely popular there – more popular than anywhere else I’d been. It was something to do with the car culture, everyone had a car, everyone had a […]