The Smiths - Death Of A Disco Dancer - 1987

14/10/17 – The Smiths – Death Of A Disco Dancer – 1987

Although it would be their last, Strangeways, Here We Come might just have been The Smiths’ best album and although it follows the formula of Morrissey’s words and melodies over Marr’s concise jangle, there’s something different about it sonically – a maturity. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours opens the album […]


24/8/17 – Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool – 1979 / Movie! / Der Osten Ist Rot / Rome Remains Rome – 2016

The last post on his website was six years ago, his music reaches from dense complex grooves, raw innovation to eccentricity. I love an intellectual with a self deprecating sense of humour, Czukay’s and his former band CAN’s massive influence on me and the world is hard to gauge. Here he is in 1979 riding […]

The Pogues Fairytale Of NewYork - Single Cover - 1987

19/5/16 – The Pogues And Kirsty MacColl – Fairy Tale Of New York – 1987

It looks like we may have stumbled upon a new theme? Songs that deserved to be No.1 that were held off the No.1 spot by songs that weren’t as good (although sometimes great songs were beaten to No.1 by other great songs). Since yesterday’s post about Elvis Costello and Oliver’s Army stalling at No.2 in […]

colin vearncombe press shot

27/1/16 – Colin Vearncombe AKA Black – 26th May 1962 – 26th January 2016 / Black – Wonderful Life – 1987 / Sweetest Smile – 1987 / Blind Faith – 2015

To die in your late sixties after fifty years of smoking, drinking and taking drugs, might not be a surprising end. But a car crash at 53 leaving behind a wife and three children – well that’s just not fair. Colin Vearncombe was best known as Black and for his European hit Wonderful Life that reached the […]

Tom Verlaine

21/8/15 – Tom Verlaine – Bomb – The Tube – TV Show, England – 1987

Tom Verlaine on The Tube in 1987 playing Bomb from the Flashlight album released that year. His band for this performance are Love and Money, pretty much forgotten these days despite the memorable trousers. Verlaine rips the guitar’s throat out with a style so individual you wonder how is it possible that so many guitarists […]

Christine Movie Car 1958 Plymouth

5/7/14 – Christine – The House Of Love – 1987/Siouxsie And The Banshees – 1980/Executive Club – 1970

Although the connection between Siouxsie And The Banshees and The House Of Love might be considered tenuous, they did have something for Christine. In Siouxsie And The Banshees’ case it was the fascinating story of Christine Costner-Sizemore and her multiple personality disorder. In the case of The House Of Love – it remains a mystery. If you are wondering why there is […]