The Godfathers Pic

30/10/17 – The Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death – 1988

It’s just one of those songs where everything came together at once – the beat, the words, the guitar parts, the guitar sounds, the bass, the sing speak delivery, the attitude, the look. It was a hit – except only America seemed to notice, the song reaching No.38 in the mainstream chart. It was another case […]

Peace Sign

3/10/17 – Bob Dylan – Death Is Not The End – 1988 / Nick Cave – Death Is Not The End – 1996 / Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Straight Into Darkness – 1982

Having spent the last few posts on death, death in song, metaphorical death, philosophical death, personal death, yesterday’s shocking news of a mass shooting of innocent people at a concert in Las Vegas and the shock death of one of my musical heroes, Tom Petty, makes musing about poetic death pale into insignificance when real […]


3/5/17 – The Sugarcubes – Birthday – 1987

Continuing the birthday theme, The Sugarcubes released the English language version of Birthday in August 1987 generating so much interest in the UK that they found themselves shot to Indie stardom, New Musical Express naming Birthday as single of the week. Lead singer Björk was a sensation with unique vocals, looks and demeanour, it was […]


20/10/16 – Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution – 1988

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution was the opening track on one of the great debut albums of all time released by Tracy Chapman in 1988. Chapman went from obscurity to superstar as her album became an international hit. She appeared on the Amnesty International International concert tour in 1988 and went from busking in Harvard Square […]

Dead Can Dance Pic 3

13/4/15 – Dead Can Dance – Host Of The Seraphim – 1988 / Baraka – Ron Fricke – 1992

Dead Can Dance’s Host Of The Seraphim appears on the soundtrack to Ron Fricke’s beautifully shot non-narrative documentary film, Baraka. Fricke was the cinematographer on Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi (music Philip Glass) and this was Fricke continuing the experiment on high quality 70mm with a soundtrack that included Dead Can Dance, Indian violinist, L. Subramaniam, David Hykes eerie […]