Caterwaul Band

1/9/15 – Caterwaul – The Sheeps A Wolf – 1989 / Good For You – 1990

Caterwaul were a late eighties Indie band from Phoenix, Arizona, a scratchier Siouxsie And The Banshees with something of Death Cult in their sound. They were certainly influenced by English Post-Punk’s, desolate razor guitar – John McGeoch and Billy Duffy were probably often on guitarist Mark Schafer’s turntable. Betsy Martin’s distinctive voice was a gothic Chrissie […]

Djivan Gasparayan - I Will Not Be Sad In This World

27/7/15 – Djivan Gasparayan – I Will Not Be Sad In This World – 1989

The haunting beauty of this album will transport you to the land of melancholy and sadness but through your tears you will be utterly moved, struck by the overwhelming feeling of the profound as the fingers of the ancients caress you from beyond the centuries, tantalising you with the despair of human emotion. The duduk is an […]

Ian McCulloch - Candleland Back sleeve 1989

17/4/15 – Ian McCulloch starring Elizabeth Fraser – Candleland – 1989

A beautiful song from Ian McCulloch’s first solo album featuring Liz Fraser. It was the third single from the album and although it failed to chart, the album made No.18 in the UK charts. There’s two clips below, one seems to be the video, the other is just audio with a pic of the September […]