19/11/16 – Stravinsky – Petruschka – 1911 / The Bolshoi Ballet – 1990 / Yuja Wang – Petruschka Piano Version/ Yuja Wang – Documentary

A double slice of genius today with my favourite modern Classical composer Igor Stravinsky and the incredible talents of Chinese concert pianist Yuja Wang. Stravinsky always made complete sense to me, I never thought of it as disjointed or discordant. It may be why Progessive Rock never sounded complex to me as a listener, it […]

Sinead O'connor pic late show 1990

23/7/16 – Sinéad O’Connor – Black Boys On Mopeds – The Late Show – 1990

It might have been difficult to predict that Sinéad O’Connor would sell 7 million copies of her second album  I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got released in 1990. It might have been harder to predict that whilst she would write all the songs except one with Marco Pirroni, one of Adam’s Ants and another being […]

Concrete Blonds with Paul Thompsob

28/3/16 – Concrete Blonde – Caroline – 1990

Staying in California and the realm of strong women, Johnette Napolitano’s Concrete Blonde released Caroline as the second single from the album Bloodletting after the first single, Joey had penetrated The US Top 20 and made it to No.2 in Australia. The band featured longtime collaborator ex Sparks member and flash guitar player James Mankey and ex Roxy Music […]


5/2/16 – Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck – 1990

Iceblink Luck was the most commercial sounding track that the Cocteau Twins ever released even receiving airplay and scraping into the UK Top 40 at No.38, showing that they could be accessible and still be good. Iceblink Luck was an uplifting piece, happy even. You could make out words instead of just sounds and the melodies were beautiful, […]