27/10/16 – Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name – 1992

Musical protest comes in many shapes and sizes – Holly Near’s voice alone in a room in front of a live audience or John Lennon sitting at a piano in the seventies, Donovan with an acoustic guitar and Buffy Sainte-Marie’s lyrics in the sixties, or Nina Simone with a Jazz band or perhaps Billie Holiday […]

Dead Can Dance Pic 3

13/4/15 – Dead Can Dance – Host Of The Seraphim – 1988 / Baraka – Ron Fricke – 1992

Dead Can Dance’s Host Of The Seraphim appears on the soundtrack to Ron Fricke’s beautifully shot non-narrative documentary film, Baraka. Fricke was the cinematographer on Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi (music Philip Glass) and this was Fricke continuing the experiment on high quality 70mm with a soundtrack that included Dead Can Dance, Indian violinist, L. Subramaniam, David Hykes eerie […]

David Tibet

21/1/15 – Current 93 – When The May Rain Comes – 1992

From the early eighties till now Current 93 have been releasing their experimental, mystical folk albums to a core audience. The band is the artistic vehicle of David Tibet with regular contributors Stephen Stapleton from Nurse With Wound, Michael Cashmore from Nature And Organisation, Douglas P. from Death In June and Steve Ignorant from Crass, […]

Mellow Candle Pic

18/11/14 – Mellow Candle – Silver Song – 1972

Mellow Candle were an Irish Progressive Acid Folk group that released one album, Swaddling Songs in 1972 and henceforth faded into obscurity. The line-up on this fascinating, rare and valuable album was Clodagh Simonds and Alison O’Donnell on vocals, Dave Williams on guitar, Frank Boylan on bass and William Murray on drums. When I played […]