24/12/15 – Massive Attack – Protection – 1994

Protection was Massive Attack’s second album after the critically acclaimed Blue Lines and its much heralded second single Unfinished Sympathy, a collaboration with writer/vocalist Shara Nelson. Nelson left Massive Attack after the first album and the band recruited Everything But The Girl singer Tracy Thorn as a guest. Thorn had formed EBTG with her partner […]

Scott Weiland Pic

6/12/15 – Scott Weiland – October 27 – 1967 – December 3 – 2015 / Stone Temple Pilots – Plush – 1994 / Velvet Revolver – Slither – 2004 / The Wildabouts – Modzilla – 2015/ Interview

Deathwish, decadent playboy taking it too far, addict that badly needed help or just one fun loving hedonist dying with a smile on his face. Whatever it was, you got the feeling that like Alice In Chain’s Layne Staley, the story could only end one way. Weiland floated in and out of his two most famous […]

June Tabor

16/8/15 – June Tabor – While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping/ False False – Jools Holland’s Later -1994

June Tabor as recording artist came to the wider attention of British Folk fans in 1976 with two albums in that year. The first, Silly Sisters was a collaboration with Steeleye Span singer Maddy Prior, the second, her first solo album, Airs And Graces. Previously appearing as a guest on other people’s records, it took a […]

Jeff Buckley Angel Wings B:W

16/4/15 – Jeff Buckley – Man In The Moon Session – KCRW Los Angeles – 4th January – 1994

Before Jeff Buckley had really been discovered by the world, he went into KCRW Los Angeles late one night and did this session with presenter/DJ, Liza Richardson. He played some songs and talked, a bundle of creative energy and a nifty guitar player, this revealing interview gives an insight into his persona, his evolution and […]

Alice In Chains - Jar Of Flies 1994 Cover Art

24/3/15 – Alice In Chains – Jar Of Flies – No Excuses – Video/ I Stay Away – Video – 1994

After some weeks of Electronic music, Liverpool bands, Folk, Seventies, Indie, Prog, Sixties, Singer/Songwriters, Forties and contemporary hipsters, it seemed like it might be time to unleash my secret Alice In Chains fetish. Although, I never actually met anyone that likes Alice In Chains, for me they are one of the heavier highlights of the […]