25/10/16 – Ani Difranco – To The Teeth – 1999

Continuing with the political theme on the run up to the American election, the track posted here is the title track from Ani Difranco’s tenth solo album and is directed at the madness of American gun culture. The song was written in the wake of the Columbine High school massacre where 12 students and a teacher […]

Emilíana Torrini Davíðsdóttir - Love In The Time Of Science - 1999 -

13/7/16 – Emilíana Torrini – Love In The Time Of Science – 1999 / To Be Free Video – 1999

As I arrive for a brief trip to Scandinavia to rehearse before heading to Germany to play with Anekdoten, I have been attempting to wrestle with time, removing the strands at night, slipping poison into its drink and even distracting it so it can’t see me surreptitiously scribbling onto paper, typing on a keyboard or […]

Sigur Ros Svefn-g-englar 1999

4/7/16 – Sigur Rós – Viðrar vel til loftárása/ Svefn-g-englar – 1999

Although Iceland crashed out of the European championships today with a 5-2 loss to their French hosts, their efforts must be applauded. Getting so far against such strong competition with such a small population shows how far spirit and teamwork can take you. I thought of this as an opportunity to post a track by […]

Djivan Gasparayan - I Will Not Be Sad In This World

27/7/15 – Djivan Gasparayan – I Will Not Be Sad In This World – 1989

The haunting beauty of this album will transport you to the land of melancholy and sadness but through your tears you will be utterly moved, struck by the overwhelming feeling of the profound as the fingers of the ancients caress you from beyond the centuries, tantalising you with the despair of human emotion. The duduk is an […]

jeff Beck B:w tele sixties

3/1/15 – Jeff Beck – Brush With The Blues/Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Jools Holland’s Later – 1999/2010

So you think you can play the guitar… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Beck Go here for more Jeff Beck genius on the In Deep Music Archive: http://indeepmusicarchive.net/2013/12/251213-jeff-beck-live-ronnie-scotts-2007/ http://indeepmusicarchive.net/2013/12/251213-jeff-beck-emotion-commotion-2010/