Brody Dalle

25/3/16 – The Distillers – Drain The Blood – 2003

Punchy, Punk Rock band fronted by Australian singer/guitarist Brody Dalle (named after Béatrice) sounded like Hole except Dalle can play better guitar. Quick wrist, gravel throat, sneering lip curl, penetrating eyes, red lipstick slash across her face, Dalle was the perfect crossover major label new Punk Rock star item. Drain The Blood comes from the third and […]

Blonde Redhead Pic

10/7/14 – Blonde Redhead – Dripping/No More Honey – 2014/Not Getting There – 2010/ 23 – 2007/ Messenger Featuring David Sylvian – 2003

Arty Japanese/American New Yorkers release their new album Barragán on September 2nd. Two singles have appeared so far, No More Honey and Dripping. Blonde Redhead are a three piece with twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace on drums and guitar/vocals respectively and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Kazu Makino. No More Honey, the first single is sung by Makino and Dripping by Amedeo Pace […]

Leon Russell

15/5/14 – Leon Russell – Delta Lady Live – 1970 – Beware Of Darkness with George Harrison – Concert for Bangladesh – 1971 – A Song For You – Live With Willie Nelson & Ray Charles – 2003 – Big Lips – 2014 – A Song For You – The Carpenters – 1971

  Here’s some Leon Russell videos from his extensive career. Starting with a fantastic version of Delta Lady in the studio from 1970 complete with two false starts. His voice rips, the songs rocks. Celebratory soulful R’n’R at it’s very best. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_russell         Beware Of Darkness – Concert for Bangladesh with George Harrison […]