The Tears 2005 Colour Pic

7/4/16 – The Tears – Refugees – 2005

Although the creation of The Tears seemed to excite the potential of a Brett Anderson/Bernard Butler reconciliation it became apparent that them talking to each other was more exciting than their new band’s music. Whatever magic they dug up with their musical collaboration in Suede, it was certainly gone by the formation of The Tears. You can hear […]

Yann Tiersen - Kala - Cover Art - 2005

19/4/15 – Yann Tiersen – Kala (Featuring Elizabeth Fraser) – 2005

A continuing look at some of Elizabeth Fraser’s collaborations takes us to Brittany and the  French Michel Oldfield, Yann Tiersen. Fraser contributes her uncanny made up language to Tiersen’s soundtrack and leaves us where she always does – in awe. Tiersen is most famous for his music to the French cute blockbuster Amelie. The movie soundtrack […]

The Mars Volta - The Widow

25/3/15 – The Mars Volta – The Widow – 2005

Formed out of the ashes of Texas Post-Hardcore band, At The Drive In, The Mars Volta were one of my favourite heavy bands from the nineties. Their mixture of Avant Garde, Metal and Progressive Rock, howling guitars and jazzy drumming made them an exciting improvisational live act and a dynamic studio band. The Widow appeared on their […]

Pete Townshend B:W

15/3/14 – Pete Townshend – Magic Bus – Live On Later – 1996 – Anthology – 2005

Whilst executing a finely tuned Skype guitar lesson this evening, it came to pass that the fast rock rhythm might be succinctly illustrated by this performance of Pete Townshend on Jools Holland’s Later from 1996. Although the songwriting and even Townshend’s singing are a fine example of the man’s talent and the 1952 Fender Telecaster’s […]