The Civil Wars

13/4/17 – The Civil Wars – Poison And Wine – 2011

Whilst we are on the subject of harmony duos, one of my favourites in recent years were The Civil Wars. Classed as Alt Country and unfortunately delivering the pain of that genre into real life, it seems their intertwining harmonies were closer than their relationship and after two studio albums they broke up in 2014 […]

Buddy Greco the-lady-is-a-tramp

19/1/17 – Buddy Greco – August 14 1926 – January 10 2017 – Pre Dylan Lyricists /The Lady Is A Tramp – Tommy Dorsey Featuring Edythe Wright – 1937 / Sophie Tucker – 1937 / Lena Horne – 1948 / Ella Fitzgerald – 1956 / Pat Suzuki – 1958 / Frank Sinatra – 1958/1965 / Buddy Greco – 1960 / Shirley Bassey – 1966 / Diana Ross And The Supremes – 1968 / Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – 2011

Who were the great lyricists before Dylan? Well, from the fifties into the sixties you would probably say the men that wrote the words for the musicals, writers like Lorenz Hart. Hart wrote the lyrics for The Lady Is A Tramp and My Funny Valentine and was Richard Rodgers partner till alcoholism (Hart died tragically of […]

Duck Fight Goose releases its debut album Sports at D-22.

12/8/14 – Duck Fight Goose – Glass Walls – 2011

Just when you thought you’d heard every possible incarnation of popular music – the Chinese arrive! This fascinating hybrid of Electronic, Math Rock, Kraut, Psych, Indie Groove has evolved independently, away from the mainland of pop culture, like the animals in Australia – familiar traits, arms and legs, but different. This intriguing collective are from Shanghai […]