Natali Prass - Video Pic

16/2/15 – Natalie Prass – Why Don’t You Believe In Me – 2015

A simple, disturbing arty video from Natalie Prass. Why Don’t You Believe In Me comes from her self titled album released on Spacebomb records 2015. This from her website: The video concept was created by my best friend since age 15 and multidisciplinary artist, Erica Prince, who co-directed the video with Tiona McClodden. Erica and […]

Barndomslandet Trygghetskontroll Cover Art

30/1/15 – Barndomslandet – Trygghetskontroll – 2015

Barndomslandet are a Progressive, Jazzy, Folky, moody and mostly instrumental eight piece, reminiscent of a time in Progressive Rock when the textures and grooves met at the crossroads of technical ability in the band and the ability to sit and listen in the audience. This album moves along so confidently and casually that you forget how well […]