2/10/16 – Wolf Alice – Canal + Studios Paris, France, September 15th – 2015

Named after a short novel by Angela Carter, their even shorter lifespan has seen Wolf Alice grow into a dynamic live band as well as songwriters with a vision creating songs that sound simple but aren’t so easy to write. Catchy riffs and odd little turnarounds, an inventive guitarist in Joff Oddie, punchy drums and bass from Theo Ellis […]

Patti Smith and her Band play Horses at The Fillmore, San Francsisco on December 29, 2015. Photo by Michael McGrath, heyreverb.com

17/8/16 – Patti Smith – Lichtburg Theatre – Essen, Germany – 10th August – 2016 / Interview On Democracy Now About Writing – 2015

Opening the wings of a dove, crying through the roses, slipping up into the high art of Patti Smith – the audience melt at her presence. She is an altar, pay tribute to the visions and the beauty, the strength and the inspiration. She spits, penetrates the heart, weaves dreams, cuts your throat, drags you […]

Aldous Harding Cover Art 2015

1/6/16 – Aldous Harding – Debut Album – 2015 / Stop Your Tears – Video – 2015

Sometimes a new artist comes along that sounds like they have walked the troubled roads of life for an eternity. It’s as if New Zealand’s Aldous Harding has wandered the ancient pathways of history collecting stories of woe and emotional heartbreak, saving up a hundred years of experience, passing on her own history to her […]

Radiohead Burn The Witch wicker man screen shot

6/5/16 – Radiohead – Burn The Witch/ Spectre – 2016 / Sam Smith – Writing’s On The Wall – 2015 / The Fair Isles – Willow’s Song – 2016

Radiohead release a new 7-inch single on May 16th – Burn The Witch with its Camberwick Green/Trumpton/Chigley, Wicker Man themed video auspiciously timed with the release of The Fair Isles’ Willow’s Song. The B-side is their rejected submission for the Bond theme from the film, Spectre. So as a reference point for the video, I have […]